Leaving Burney Falls

Day 99 – 7/19/15
Just before Deadman Creek
Miles – 20.3
Total Miles – 1491.9 (PCT 1436.1)DSC00464-7-19-15a We tried to sleep in but store food was calling, so we got up, packed, and headed for the store. It opened at 8:00, and we got there a little after 7:00, this gave us time to finish sorting are food box. While Mama Raven worked on that, I searched for power to recharge a few things and the kids washed socks. When the store opened, we all got egg sausage sandwiches, milk, OJ, and two apple cinnamon pastries. Everything was very good, except the pastries they were so bad we did not finish them. We chose them because they looked homemade. Thru hikers have a reputation of being able to eat anything but these were like eating cardboard. We went back and picked up different type of pastries. You never can go wrong with Hostess products. We even bought extra for the trail. Once breakfast was finished we started hiking. It was 9:30, a very late start but we did not want to miss out on breakfast. We were hoping to make 20 miles and we did, but we had to push to do it. It was a 2,000′ climb over 12 miles and took most of the day. The trail went several miles along Lake Britton before crossing its dam and heading up. There was a lot of water exiting the dam. I guess they were maintaining the river levels. The climb was not really hard but the day was hot and that slowed us down. We were much happier when the trail went up into the trees. The shade and color air make the hiking more pleasant. Upon coming to our first river crossing, we stopped to soak our hot feet in the cold water and eat a snack. Just as we were leaving, a dog (an Alaskan Malamute), showed up with no apparent owners. However he did have a name tag and telephone number. His name was Zia. With his thick fur, he headed right for the water to cool off. When done, he ran on up the trail out of our sight. As we started off, we ran into him again. He kept walking in front of us up the trail. Mama Raven and I looked at each other, wondering what to do. There was no phone number reception to call the number on Zia’s tag. Soon Zia lied in the middle of the trail in the shade. He would not take his eyes off the river below us. Mama Raven gave him her last Nutter Butter. He took it and then promptly spit it out. That was a waste of a good cookie. Next, we all looked the direction Zia was looking when we heard voices way down inside the deep river ravine we were next to.  We crept as close as possible to the edge and looked over. We saw two men fishing. How they got down to where they were was a mystery to us. Anyways, we were relieved to have found Zia’s owners. As we walked up the trail, Zia kept his post in the shade waiting for her owners.
At another point this afternoon we came upon a baby bird which had fallen into the middle of the trail from its nest in a pine tree. There was not a lot we could do for it except move it to a safer location and shade it. Hopefully mama will hear its cries and feed it.
We finished the up at a spring. It was not a great spring. The pools were shallow and slow to fill, but we worked at it and filled our bottles. We did not want to camp at the spring so we hiked another 1.5 miles and found a spot of the trail.DSC00352-7-19-15








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