Pushing onward toward Burney Falls

Day 98 – 7/18/15
Burney Falls
Miles – 23.5
Total Miles – 1471.6 (PCT 1416.6)DSC09933-7-18-15Ann and I really enjoyed last night, Joon, not so much. We had camped on a wide open plain under a juniper tree. It was a very warm night so we opened up all the vestibules of he tents. Just about sundown, a large thunderstorm started off to the east. We could see the lightening that would make the clouds glow. While Mama Raven and I lied n the tent,  we watched the lightening out both sides of the tent. However, Joon was not enjoying the weather at all. She just wanted it to stop. Finally everyone feel asleep. At 1:30 a.m., big fat rain drops started to hit the tent. Everyone woke up and we closed the vestibules. The lightening storm to the east was still going on. It must be really big to be still going after 7 hours. With every flash of lightening, Little Crow would ask if it could come over our tent. Little Crow was unable to relax because of her fear of lightening therefore Little Crow and I swapped places. I spent the rest of the night in their tent with Will and she was in our tent. Little Crow quickly settled down once she was with Mama Raven. In the morning, Mama Raven was up and out before the sun. The storm had broken and she was taking pictures. The sunrise was exceptionally beautiful. She got us all up a little early so we could see the sunrise. We got hiking before 6:30. Today, we needed to cover 23 miles to get to the store and our box at Burney Falls. The store closes at 8:00. We will be cutting it close, but I think we can make it. The trail went for several more miles before dropping down to a large lava field. I have never liked hiking in lava fields. They are very rocky and uncomfortable on the feet. We had about 5 miles of this before everything smoothed out. The temperature was 97° and we were hot! Close to mid day, we came upon a 36″ metal pipe which was feeding a hydroelectric power plant. The pipe had a hole in it and water was squiring about 6′ into the air. We had fun putting out heads in the jet of ice, cold water. After playing for quite a while with the water jet, we next hiked to a bridge over the outflow of the hydroelectric power plant. We soaked our sore feet, ate lunch and watched Will fish. Within 10 minutes of leaving the bridge, we come to a fish hatchery. This is the first location where we could get water without pumping. Several of our water bags were empty and we really needed to fill up. After filling up with water we decided to walk around the hatchery. We were there for about 20 minutes looking around. Our narrow window to make it to the Burney Falls store before it closes is getting smaller and smaller. We had about 12 miles and it was almost 3:00. We will have to hike fast to make it. Joon is the one we have to get moving. We hiked about half the distance before we stopped at one of the best caches on the whole trail, the Wild Bird Cage Cache. It has a picnic table that everybody has signed who has past by, there is coolers with sodas, fruit, and hot dogs. There was a cabinet filled with canned food, and other misc food items. Hikers could wash up in a solar shower, and recharge equipment with a solar charging station. There were games to play and lounge chairs in the shade. We stopped just long enough for some grapes, bananas, and sodas. We wished to stay longer but we could not take the time. After 3 more miles, I figured out that Mama Raven and Will could make it, so I sent them on. Little Crow might make it but that was chancy. Little Crow hiked hard and covered the all most 4 miles in 1½ hours. She and I walked up to the store at 8:02. Mama Raven and Will were just coming out. They had gotten drinks and our box. We sat down at a picnic table and Mama Raven worked on sorting while I cooked dinner. It was dark by the time we finished. Tiredly, we went back across the river to find a campsite and setup camp. The Ravens quickly fell asleep.DSC09915-7-18-15











2 thoughts on “Pushing onward toward Burney Falls

  1. Thanks for the update of your continued journey. I am sure there is quit a lot going on that u cannot possibly report but maybe it will all be in the book that The Ravens may write some day. The walking must be getting much more relaxed for everyone and the new daily adventures would not want to be missed. Walk on…………..


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