A Big Climb

Day 92 – 7/12/15
By a dirt road in the middle of nowhere
Miles – 17.0
Total Miles – 1355.2 (PCT 1301.3)DSC09154-7-12-15 We got up early. We were on the road by 7:45.  One thing we noticed was the North Fork of the Feather river was muddy. It had not been like that when we drove down. It had been blue. Mom got us to Belden by 9:00 and we unloaded our gear from the car. I talked with a hiker named Captain Crunch and found out that they have had a lot of rain for the past two days. Mama Raven and I looked at each other thinking the same thing, we got lucky and missed some nasty weather by going to Paradise!  We put on are packs and said our good bye to mom. To get out of Belden, there is 14 miles of up which will not be fun and it wasn’t. It took most of the day. The trail went up a side valley staying on a hill above the Chip River. The first 6 miles was all in the open due to a fire the killed all the trees. In less than one hour we encountered four rattlesnakes sunning themselves in the middle of the trail. After the six miles, we were thankfully back in a thick forest. Every mile or so, a stream would cross the trail. By late afternoon we topped out and were able to look north. The mountains are much flatter and the going should be easier. Mama Raven’s new shoes are working well. I had to cut some small expansion slits in them to allow for swelling. Nonetheless Mama Raven is happy with her shoes.DSC09155-7-12-15






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