A little trail magic

Day 82 – 7/2/15
Paradise Lake Trail
Miles – 19.8
Total Miles – 1215.2 (PCT 1164.7)DSC08057-7-2-15

We woke up our normal time and packed up. The hike to the top of Tinkers Knob was not long or hard. We quickly reached its shoulder and were rewarded with beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. Looking north we could see the country we will be hiking into. It is much flatter with very few high mountains. We walked down ridges and through Sugar Bowl ski resort before we came to Hwy 40, the old highway over Donner Pass. Many times we were stopped by people out on day hikes who were absolutely amazed Will and Little Crow are hiking the whole PCT. Twice in this area, two separate families have asked if the kids could have their pictures taken along with their families. We saw no harm, so we said yes. Next came 3.5 miles of small climbs and drops crossing over to Hwy 80. A lot of this section was in the sun and it became very hot. We past by a large youth group that was learning how to rock climb on the rock cliffs. All and all we did not like this stretch. We past under Hwy 80 and took what was suppose to be a short side trail to the highway’s rest stop where there was water to fill our bottles, tables, and flush toilets. . . a real luxurious item! Etch-a-sketch and DNA were all ready there so we sat with them in the shade. Soon we saw Flaco. Last we heard he had been hiking with Over Easy. We quickly ran over to him to find out about our old friends, the Eggs. It turned out both, Over Easy and Sunny Side Up, were here! Several minutes later we were all reunited. Sunny Side Up is off the trail as we mentioned in an earlier blog but we did not know exactly why. Sadly she has a stress fracture in the leg bone above her ankle. We talked for a little while catching up. Over Easy was taking today off in Truckee with Sunny Side Up. They offered to get us some drinks but we told them that is unnecessary. Soon they left to Truckee. We had our snack and were cleaning out the trash from our packs when Over Easy and Sunny Side Up drove up with an assortment of sodas and Gatorade. We excepted them eagerly. At home we do not drink sodas, but out here on the trail, they are worth their weight in gold!  Again, we said good bye and thank you to the Eggs with lots of sadness. Our favorite hiking duo was no more. Later, as we washed out our socks, a man named Dave asked if we were The Ravens. He knew about us from the PCT Journals. He came up from Reno to offer trail magic to the hikers. He gave drinks to all the hikers. Others had arrived since we got to the rest stop. Then, as we are getting ready to leave, he brings out a stove and starts to cook hot dogs. Well, we can not miss out on hot dogs so we stayed a little longer. Some of the other hikers that were there were Wendy Bird, Milkshake and Stickybunz, and Gene the Machine. We stayed a lot longer than we should have, but it was a good stop and well worth the time. We hiked away from the Hwy rest stop and climbed to the top of Castle Pass, and then down to Peter Grub Hut. It is one of the few shelter’s on the whole PCT. We stopped to look inside and found Lord Logan. The last time we saw him was in the hut on Muir Pass in the Sierras. It was good to see him. The hut was very roomy and warm however we did not stay long. We still want to make a 20 mile day, so off we went. The trail climbs up a ridge and into Paradise Valley. As we came to the top the hill, a thunderstorm started to rumble. It was directly over us and then the dark clouds let go of the water they were holding. Not hard at first, but enough to have us take out our umbrellas. Then it really started to rain hard. We were up on a exposed hillside and we quickly hiked down so we could find a thickit of trees. We saw flashes of lightening right above us. Little Crow became scared. Adventually, we came upon a dry area under some trees and we stopped to repack the packs for rain. By this time, the thunderstorm ended but another one started off to the north. We hiked to the bottom of Paradise Valley and found a dry place to camp. We are hoping the clouds break up tonight. We do not want rain tomorrow, but it is sprinkling right now.DSC08035-7-2-15
















Windy Bird

Windy Bird

One thought on “A little trail magic

  1. Does the young man., ….boy😄 , wearing the Stetson, have a trail name yet? Awaiting his Christening! Stetson, wiry, mighty one, big brother, treasure collector, mountain gazer, sidewinder, skater arm breaker, flight of the broken wrist boy, crows nest catcher, fisherman, trail magician, smiles, picky eater, little big man, Walking in Will’s Shoes… Good grief, I could think of thousands more! I’m petitioning the hikers of the PCT to name Will Now! Lol! 👍


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