On familiar ground

Day 52 – 6/3/15
Chicken Spring Lake
Miles – 20.1
Total Miles – 776.1 (PCT 750.8)DSC03618-6-3-15

We had a little condensation last night but that was to be expected camping so close to a meadow. We left camp a little late and immediately started to climb. We worked our way up onto the edge of the Sierras. On our left was meadows, treed valleys, and granite outcrops. On our right the mountains dropped thousand’s of feet down to the Ownes Valley. The views were amazing.
Yesterday we realized that we are hiking much faster than expected in this section. We will finish on Saturday, one day early. We have a room reserved at the Mt. Williamson Motel on Sunday. We need to change the reservation, so every time we could look down into the Owens Valley, I tried to get a phone connection. A number of people could get ATT connection but no one with Verizon could connect to anything. Grapefruit, a young women we have been hiking with off and on for the past few weeks was having the same problem. She will be heading down to Lone Pine. She said she will call Mt Williamson Motel for use when she gets into Lone Pine to move up our reservation to Saturday instead of Sunday. We will not know if she succeeded until we are hiking out to Independence.
Once we left the ridge we headed down to Daiz Creek. We had plenty of water so we decided to hike on to Chicken Spring Lake. Several miles after Daiz Creek we came to Trail Pass. This is the pass we normally use to enter the Sierras. We are now hiking on very familiar ground. Mama Raven and I have been over this pass and hiked the JMT from here at least 6 or 7 times. This kids have come into the Sierras twice this way. As we hiked around Poison Meadow to Cottonwood Pass and then over the Chicken Spring Lake, with excitement the kids would recognize one location after another. I think they like to be on familiar ground. Tomorrow we will push on and try to get as close to Forester Pass as possible to make the next day easier.
I think we will have a battle tonight. As I write this I can hear mice running around our tents. They chew wholes in everything. I hate mice!

Grapefruit, Little Crow, and Papa Raven

Grapefruit, Little Crow, and Papa Raven












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