Happy birthday Little Crow

Day 53 – 6/4/15
Before Tyndall Creek
Miles – 23.0
Total Miles – 799.1 (PCT 773.8)DSC03643-6-4-15Today is Little Crow’s birthday! Our baby Little Crow turns ten years old today. So what could possibly she want on the trail for this day. . . to sleep in! Little Crow got to sleep in a half hour this morning. When we did get out of our tents, we found that clouds had moved in once again overnight. The trail news is rain for today through Saturday. There are a lot of unhappy hikers with the news and the saddest of all is Little Crow.  According to her, it is suppose to be a sunny day on her birthday. Nonetheless, the trail goes on. The trail started by dropping and heading west, luckily away from the clouds. It took a good part of the morning to get down to Rock Creek. We stopped for some food and to wash our socks. We have been hiking with two sisters from Portland Oregon named Karaoke and Pop Tops. Little Crow has really been enjoying their company!
A lot of the hikers around us have been trying to figure out if they should climb to the top of Mt. Whitney tomorrow. It is not part of the Pacific Crest Trail but a 17 mile side trip puts you on top of the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. Their concern is the weather. We will not be doing it. All of The Ravens have done it before thus we do not feel a great need to risk the weather do it. The conversation from the hikers we are around is what to do about Whitney.
By midafternoon we had hiked over to Crabtree Meadow. This is one of the prettiest places in the high Sierras. When Little Crow and I came around the corner and could look out into the meadow we saw over 15 deer grazing. We stopped for dinner and Little Crow picked burritos for her birthday dinner. As we were preparing dinner, two hikers called out “Ravens!” It was Justa and her boy friend Lint. We met Justa at the Anderson’s house after the rain storm we were caught in after Agua Dulce. At that time she said she knows us from a photograph her boy friend Lint has. We meet Lint two years ago while hiking the length of Oregon. He was hiking the PCT for the third time. He was impressed with Will and Little Crow out on the trail with their light weight gear, much of which was the same equipment he had. He wanted a profile photograph of him and the kids with their packs on next to his. It became the most popular photograph on his web site. Justa informed us that Lint was hiking the CDT (Continental Divide Trail), for the third time. If he completes it, he would become a triple, triple crowner. A triple crowner is someone who has hike all three of the long trails, the PCT, CDT, and AT. Lint was taking some time off of the CDT because the last snows storms in Colorado made the trail impassable and he is giving it so time to melt. While he is waiting for snow to melt he decided to hike with Justa who is doing the PCT. All
The Ravens enjoyed talking with the both of them.
After dinner we tried to get a few extra miles in. If weather is coming in, we want to put our selves in a position to get to Independence on Saturday. As we hiked away from Crabtree Meadow, we could see it raining to the west of us. We found out later it snowed too. We finally camped after exhausting all the days light. It is also extremely cold. There is definitely a drastic change in the weather. Most of the hikers that we are around have decided to skip Mt. Whitney.
Forester Pass is only 5.5 miles away. We should hopefully be over it quickly tomorrow.DSC03650-6-4-15



El Flaco

Karaoke and Pop Top

Pop Tops and Karaoke

Justa, Lint, Little Crow, and Will

Justa, Lint, Little Crow, and Will







2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Little Crow

  1. Happy birthday Jooooon. Miss you. Glade to hear from you. Was cind of worried not hearing from you . looking forward to your next post. Ann how are your feet? Hope you are doing fine. Rico & linda


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