Carrot cake

Day 44 – 5/26/15
After McIvers Spring
Miles – 21.4
Total Miles – 669.6 (PCT 645.0)DSC03205-5-26-15We had a good night’s sleep and did not want to get going. Several hikers past us as we were packing up. We are at the beginning of a 35 mile dry section but we have heard that there might be a water cache provided by Shutter Bugs dad in 7 miles. Right now we have 11.5L of water. We will have to drink sparingly to go the remaining 27 miles to Walker Pass.
The trail heads up to a ridge and contours around the mountain to Bird Spring Pass, the road where the water cache might be.  As we were walking along the trail Mama Raven was so busy looking out for desert tortoises (this area is known for them) she did not notice that she walked right pass a rattlesnake. Will however saw it. It was a smaller snake with only three rattles on its tail and it did not give a warning with its rattles. Mama Raven was lucky. We got to location of the water cache quickly and  with great anticipation of not knowing or not if there was actually water. We saw five hikers, sitting around a dozen or more water bottles nestled in the shade of some small trees. It was a beautiful site. There was also four fold up chairs provided by some unknown trail angel. We refilled our bottles and drank 1.5L. As we were hanging out in the shade a small car drove up the dirt road and five hikers got out of the car. They had rented a car from Tehachapi to stash water for themselves plus extra for any other thru-hikers in need of water. We talk with them for a bit and one of them gave us a big slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. We split it between the four of us and Sunny Side Up and Easy Over. We stalled for as long as we could because the next part of the trail was a very long climb and no one wanted to do it. It was also warming up to be a hot day. We wrote a thank you note on one of the bottles of water for Scott and we got going. We did the whole climb without stopping. After 40 days of hiking, we are a lot stronger than when we started. We reached the top where the trail levels out and stays up high. We moved along quickly and easily on a dirt road through another burned area. At the end of the day, we camped in one of the last flat areas before the trail drops down to Walker Pass. The sun was just going down and the high clouds around us quickly turned pink and orange. We only have 6 miles to go to get to Walker Pass and we have plenty of water.









One thought on “Carrot cake

  1. ❤ Hello Ravens. I've been loving your photos. I'm happy to hear that piece of carrot cake we gave you went to good use. It gives me chills to remember this moment and to see your pictures. Hiking there was difficult, but your family has inspired me in a big way. My blog is not nearly as good as yours, but you can check it out here, Hike on.


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