Day 36 – 5/18/15
On a ridge heading down toward Tiger Tank
Miles – 20.4
Total Miles – 577.7 (PCT 553.2)


The wind blew most of the night but the tents were in a location that was shielded from most of the wind.  As we left our camp, the wind hit us full force. The wind was blowing down out of the Tehachapi mountains and out into the desert. I have a hunch it is always windy like this, because there are hundreds of windmills around us. We hiked for 8 miles to Tylerhorse Creek and almost the whole time we were pushed around by the wind. It takes 10 miles for the PCT to pass through the windmill farm. There are several hundreds of these giant windmills. They are 350′ high with the props stretching even higher. They are constantly spinning creating a loud wind storm sound. Some have a high pitch whistle sound, while others moan and groan as if in agony. One of our favorite things about the desert is how absolutely quiet it is however with so many windmills around us, it is far from quiet.
We at last left the windmill farm and entered Tylerhorse Canyon where the wind let up. Tylerhorse Creek is the last water for 24 miles so we filtered all we needed. The water in the creek was warm but it is better than nothing. At the small creek, a hiker named Mike (aka Smokey) joined us. We have not seen him in weeks. We first met him the first day on the trail. He had to get off the trail for a short time because his wife got sick. She is fine now and Smokey is back on the PCT.
From the canyon, we headed up into the Tehachapi mountains. We climbed back up to over 5000′. Mama Raven’s feet were hurting across the balls of the foot. She had loosened her laces as much as she could, but the shoes were still to tight. At lunch we took the next step and cut her shoes so the toe box would open up more. We are hoping this will help, but it is to soon to tell. Her feet are hurting badly.
The rest of the day we worked our way up into the mountains. In the late afternoon we came upon a water cache, I guess I did not have to carry all the extra water from Tylerhorse Creek.  The water cache also had several chairs for the hikers to enjoy. Therefore, we decided to have dinner here before heading down. Smokey showed up and had his dinner too. After dinner we started down toward Tehachapi. The wind had come up again and we wanted to get low enough to get out of it. Well that did not work. As I write this, my head is holding up our tent. A peg has been pulled out by the wind, again. It will be a long night.








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