Day 37 – 5/19/15
Miles – 13.3
Total Miles – 591.0 (PCT 566.5)


Last night’s wind was some of the strongest we have had. I really thought that the tent would be torn apart. As we lay in the tent, we could hear the wind moving up the hill through the dead trees (we are camped on a knoll in an old burn area), and then it would hit us. It was loud and the strong gusts would nearly flatten the tent. There were no rocks to pile on to the tent stakes so I had to use three logs held down with piles of dirt to hold the stakes in place. If I did not do this, every time the wind came through, the stakes would come out and the whole tent would collapse on us. Will and Little Crow’s tent faired better because their tent was behind ours and thus protected. Since the side of my tent was acting like a sail it would fill with air, I hooked two of our hiking poles together and set them on the inside of the tent, pushing out the tent side, trying to keep it from collapsing. This helped a lot. Little Crow was afraid, so I went inside their tent to calm her down. At some point in the night the wind let up and we all finally fell asleep.
There are two ways to go into Tehachapi, the first is a road in 5 miles and the second is Hwy 58 in 13 miles. We hiked to Hwy 58 because there is a bus we can catch that goes into Tehachapi and the starting of our next section.  It also cuts down our next waterless section from 25 miles to 17 miles. In the morning we hiked through a windmill farm and finally get to Hwy 58 at about 1:30. It was a slow hike because Mama Raven’ s feet were causing her problems. The next bus comes by in two hours so we settled in to wait. After about 15 minutes, a car drove up and a man asked if we needed a ride to town. We all piled into his car and he took us to our hotel. In a short time we are settled into a room. Our first task was showers for everyone. We last washed our hair in Agua Dulce, six days ago. Our last shower was in Wrightwood was 12 days ago. Yep a long time, but there has been very little water and few places to bath.
We will be taking two zeros here and maybe a nero. Hopefully this will give enough time for Mama Raven’s feet to get better. We are thinking that Mama Raven’s new shoes we got at Lake Hughes are the root of her feet ailments. The toe box is smaller than her old shoes and they are compressing in on all sides of  the ball and toes of her feet. Tehachapi has a Big Five Sporting Goods Store, so hopefully we can get some new shoes for Mama Raven.


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