Mojave Desert

Day 35 – 5/17/15
After power lines, before Cottonwood Creek
Miles – 21.2
Total Miles – 557.3 (PCT 532.8)DSC02679 5-17-15 bigToday we headed out into the Mojave Desert. There were high clouds when we got up this morning. They would shield us from the sun, somewhat.
We were a little slow hiking to Hiker Town. Hiker Town is a house at the edge of the Mojave. The owner has set up quite a few small buildings with old west themed facades. Thru-hikers can stay the night in one or camp on the lawn. There is a kitchen, bathroom, shower, and laundry, all for the hikers. We stopped by for water. This is the last water source for 24 miles. We ended up also washing our socks and eating. There also was a sweet dog named Rusta that Will and Little Crow got to play with.  We stayed a little longer than we wanted to but finely we got going, and out into the desert we went.
The hiking across the Mojave is easy. For the most part, it is flat and smooth. We went over to the California aqueduct and hiked along it for more than a mile. Then we turned north and hiked on to of the Los Angeles aqueduct. For the first 6 or 7 mikes, the Los Angeles aqueduct is a large metal pipe that we walked on top of. Then the aqueduct goes underground and we hiked on its cement top. We hiked on top of it for most of the day. During the hike, we ran into a section hiker named GoalTech. He was SoBo (south bound). A few miles earlier, his parents in a car stopped us and asked us if we were The Ravens? We said yes. They said they have been following our blog and were hoping to run into us. They were out meeting their son GoalTech. They mentioned that we would be bumping into him very shortly and that he was delivering treats to the hikers he meets. When we ran in to GoalTech he had attached to his backpack a large mesh bag filled with every type of chips imaginable. He was passing them out to the hikers. He also had a big bag of Carmel Nips. Mama Raven said he needed the trail name of Nips & Chips. It was a fun and unexpected divergence from our monotonous aqueduct hiking… Finally, near sunset, we turned off of it and headed toward a windmill farm. A man in a big black pick-up truck offered us a ride up the trail. It takes a lot of will power to turn a ride down, especially at the end of the day when you are tired and short on miles for the day. We kindly turned him down because to except the ride would be cheating. In the hiking world, it is called yellow blazing to skip a part of the trail by getting rides. One does not want the title as a yellow blazer, thus we walked on!  Currently we are camped just west of some huge windmills. Tomorrow we will head back to the aqueduct and continue on toward the Tehachapi mountains.DSC02684 5-17-15 big




















3 thoughts on “Mojave Desert

  1. I recognize that desert scenery. My Son does his prospecting in the desert. You will be heading to my Cousins town of Tehachapi pretty soon I see. I hope you all stop at the Apple Shed for some pie. 🙂 It can get pretty cold in Tehachapi. I hope the weather holds out for you . Happy to hear Little Crow has her trail name. Now for Will…


  2. It was great to see the pictures of GoalTech, his parents, and my husband!!! Thanks for posting these in your blog! Love the name Little Crow! Seems perfect!


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