Angel in the rain

Day 32 – 5/14/15
Casa De Luna
Miles – 21.4
Total Miles – 504.9 (PCT 478.2)
We woke up this morning to very wet tents. The condensation was very bad and we had water dripping off the inside of the tents. Even the sleeping bags were wet. At some point we will have to dry everything off. Clouds moved in over night due to the storm that is coming. As we climbed up away from Agua Dulce we kept an eye on the clouds.
We crossed the first range of mountains without any problems and on the other side we found a place to dry out. We laid out the tents and sleeping bags. As we sat eating and flipping everything over that was drying, it started to rain. We quickly packed everything. We had gotten most of it dry and we did not want to let it get wet again.
We put up our umbrellas as we stared to hike up the next ridge. The rain was coming down pretty hard for about a half hour and then it let up. For the rest of the afternoon we climbed up and down ridges and the rain came and went. There was also a freezing wind that blew the rain up underneath the umbrellas. It was impossible to stay dry. In fact we were soaked. It is not fun when the rain is being blown sideways for most of the afternoon.  We were trying to get to a road in Green Canyon. There are two trail angels who are in that area and we were hoping for some help. We were 6 miles out when I started to call both. I got no connection. All we could do was kept moving to stay somewhat warm. The day was getting late as we came around the last mountain top and through the rain, at the bottom of the valley, we could see a car picking up hikers, but as we were coming down the car left. Finally after 6 straight hours of hiking, without stopping, or not eating, we came to the road. We were tired, wet, hungry, and not looking forward to setting up damp tents for the night. We straightened our umbrellas and walked to the road.  There was a white van sitting there and a lady came out. She was Terry Anderson from the Casa de Luna, a family that takes in thru-hikers.  She asked if we would like to dry out and have something to eat at her house.  Of course we said yes.  She drove all of us back to their house. There are upward of 50 hikers here, hiding from the rain. Most of them have been here a day or so and they had their tents set up in the back yard. Terry and Joe, opened up their entire house to the hikers to recover from the days ordeal. Terry made a huge taco salad for all the hikers. She also got all of our wet gear into the dryer.  Tomorrow will be a much better day with everything dry.  We did not have a chance to put our tents up before it got dark therefore, Terry put Will and Joon in a second bedroom and Mama Raven and I slept on a sofa. There was a hiker sleeping in every chair, sofa, floor space, even in the garage. We were warm and dry after such a miserable wet day.  Trail Angels are good people!










4 thoughts on “Angel in the rain

  1. OK, after reading your last posts I am freezing and feel damp even though I am in a warm house sitting at this computer. You all have more guts than anyone I know. I think I would have hunkered down at the first motel I came too, haha.. All in all this is going to be one unforgettable hike for your family. The kids will always have this huge adventure in their minds. I can see them both taking their own families out for just such a trek. You have made safe choices and I am sure you will continue too. I will have to look up that poodle bush,, sounds so cute and fluffy and really is the wicked witch.. I love reading your posts. Will stay tuned for the rest. My cousin lives in Tehachapi. She knows about the PCT,, I didn’t,haha.. Take care you guys.


  2. Who knew you would encounter the rainiest May on record. Sounds like you are managing things well, my thoughts are with you, love the updates!


  3. This one is for Ann. I miss you friend and everyday that passes I appreciate you more and more. I will never again take for granted the times when I can pick up the phone and call my Ann when I want to hear her friendly voice and share our thoughts about this world and how we are going to fix it. Looking forward to hugging you and chatting. Miss you much. xoxoxo


  4. Hi all, As I look at the food drops, you should be making it to Tahachapi today or tomorrow. You have made it through the desert! Hope the Poodle Dog Bush did not nab any of you. It sounds awful!. Walk safely. Mom/Emily


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