24 Miles

Day 30 – 5/12/15
North Fork Range Station
Miles – 24.0
Total Miles – 462.7 (PCT 436.0)
Oh the wind last night! It blow hard all night long. I had to go outside seven times to put stacks in after the tent blow down. Early in the morning I was out putting a stake back in when Will got out of his tent doing the same to his. It is good to know he will fix the tent on his own, especially when the tent falls on his head.
Our first stop of the morning was at the Mill Creek Summit fire station, for water. The next water is over 17 miles away. We hiked the six and a half miles quickly and without a break. Our endurance is definitely getting stronger. We then climbed up on to a ridge and followed it west. From the top of the ridge we had great views out into the Mojave Desert. Everything looks a lot closer, yet we still have six or seven days before we cross it.
The hiking along the ridge was easy except for the Poodle Dog Brush. It had been cut back but it still hung over the trail and the plants were everywhere. We spent a lot of time dodging it. Everyone thinks they got it at least once. Only time will tell.
As the day went on, we realized that we were making good time and if we pushed we might make it to the North Fork Range Station. That would be a big mile day. Since the trail was winding in and out of ravines on a steep hill, we had to commit to going all the way or camping early. We went for it. We walked into the North Fork Range Station camping area with just enough light to see. We had hiked a 24 mile day. This was the biggest mile day for the kids ever. We quickly pitched camp and now everyone is asleep but me, but I will be joining them in just a minute.DSC02116-5-12-15




One thought on “24 Miles

  1. Happy to see the ravens flying along the road way I’m in a car and the ravens are flying along on strong legs.
    A little chit chat and we are all off. On we go walking the trail we find ourselves on, life.


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