Out of the mountains

Day 21 – 5/3/15
.5 miles into Deep Creek
Miles – 20.5
Total Miles – 316.8 (PCT 299.2)


It was a warm night and everyone slept well, so well in fact that we did not wake up until there was sun on the tent. That was the first time that had happened. Most mornings we get up and are moving by 6:00am. If it is a real cold morning we will stay tucked inside our warm sleeping bags until 6:30. On those mornings, we grudgingly get going. For breakfast we usually have Carnation Instant Breakfast with either Pop Tarts or Bevita biscuits. Will and Joon prefer the Pop Tarts, Mama Raven likes the Bevitas and Papa Raven is indifferent either way.
The hiking today was easy. For the most part it was down and level. It just went on forever. We have turned west and we are hiking around the wider part of the Mojave Desert. The trail will continue westward for more than a week before turning north again and crossing the Mojave Desert. For a few hours this morning, we were able to see Big Bear Lake down below us.  As the tail veered away form Big Bear it started to drop. We stayed in pine trees for several miles and then we came upon an old burned area. It opened up at this point because so many trees had been burned. The oak and chaparral was coming back and in several places we saw small pine trees growing.  The biggest being about 4′ tall. We paralleled Holcomb Creek for many miles. It was nice to get a chance to soak our feet. Will and Joon played in the water. Ashley and Ed were there too.  Ed is Ashley’s father in law. The two have teamed up to hike the PCT. They are hoping that Ashley’s husband will be able to join them when they reach the Sierras. We have been bumping into them since the beginning of our hike. Towards the and of the day, the trail left the creek and went up to the top of a ridge. As our day was coming to a close, we hiked into Deep Creek Canyon. A steep valley with the biggest stream yet. It is about 15′ across. We will stay in Deep Creek most of tomorrow before heading out into the dryer chaparral. But for tonight, we are camped high above the river.  We are being serenaded to sleep by crickets, bull frogs, variety of song birds and an owl. Life is good out on the trail!











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