Into Town

Day 11 – 4/23/15
Miles – 20.2
Total Mile – 190.6 (PCT 162.6)
Last night was our coldest night yet.  Mama Raven and l could not get warm. The chill from the ground was coming up through our sleeping pads. We quickly packed up and started to hike down to the valley floor. Below us was a blanket of clouds, but they started to pull back as we hiked down. Soon we came to Morris Rd. I missed where the trail turns off and we ended up following the road down to Hwy 74. We then turned north and walked 1 mile to where we should have come out. The alternate then followed a dirt road under some power lines and eventually intersected Hwy 74. The next several miles we hiked along the side of the road. We do not like doing that because the cars are so close, especially on the bridges. Finally we got to Herkey Campground and off of the highway. The alternate then went over a ridge and down into Idyllwild, our home for the next few days.
A comment on the mileage: the total miles is how far we have walked. That includes PCT miles plus off trail miles, such as walking into town or waking around a closed area. The PCT number is the PCT mileage marker from Halfmiles maps.












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