Easy Day

Day 6 – 4/17/15
At a large camp part way up San Felipe Ridge
Mile – 9.6
Total Miles – 89.2 (PCT 86.6)
Blisters: Joon – 3, Mama Raven – 4, Will – 0, Papa Raven – 0


We turned today into a partial lay-over day. You could tell by the low milage. At the speed we are hiking, we will get to Warner Springs late Saturday or early Sunday. Our food box is at the PO and it closes at 1:30 on Saturday. That means, no matter what, we will be waiting until Monday morning to get our box. So we decided to slow down and try to get to Warner Springs sometime Sunday afternoon hopefully before 4:00, when they stop selling hamburgers. Therefore, what better way to rest than somewhere with showers, bathrooms, a pool, ice cream, and a deli.
For breakfast, Cheryl brought us a Mom’s apple berry pie with a crumb topping from Julian. Of course we ate the whole thing. We sorted the equipment, washed all our socks, and basically got ready for the rest of this section. Joon went swimming in the pool. Since it was unheated she did not stay in long, but she and Will had fun playing around the pool. By lunch time, everything was packed up and ready to go. We got deli sandwiches before Cheryl took us back to the trailhead. We stated hiking around 1:30. Joon had a difficult time with Cheryl leaving, she is missing home. Our plan was to go only 9 miles and we knew that it would take us the rest of the day. It was a big up and hot, but a strong wind helped.
San Felipe Ridge is one long switchback. It goes for almost 20 miles before topping out, swinging in and out of gullies and valleys. It is long, boring, and very dry. It was dusk when we got to where we could camp. There were 5 other groups here, so we just squeezed in, set camp, ate dinner (egg burritos), and went to bed. Tomorrow we will get to Barrel Springs and then get into Warner Springs mid-day Sunday.










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