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Writing is a very slow and labor intensive job, thus I do not do it often. I wish I was one of those people that was blessed with the talent to be able to put their pen down and the thoughts effortlessly come flowing out onto the paper (or computer screen) in a clear and concise way. Instead my thoughts become tangled together and a gobbly mess comes out.  It is even more daunting task knowing that others, especially the ones that do know how to write, will be reading my words.  Nonetheless, I thought I should write down some of Mom’s thoughts about hiking.

I love to walk, and the longer the trail, the happier I am!  So, what about walking that makes my happy?   I am a firm believer in the concept of less is more, therefore, I fault the human race of bad design. The day to day life that they have created, is too complicated.  It is over designed. Thru-hiking is living in its most simplest form.  It is nothing more that eating, sleeping, walking, and reveling in natures beauty.  The burdens of day to day life dissolve away.  I wake up every morning on the trail feeling that this is the best day of my life.  This is why I love hiking!

Before Will and Joon were born, we said we wanted to someday hike the Pacific Crest Trail with our kids.  Over the years, every excuse came up as to why we should not do it.  The number one consideration was always financial.  How do you just quit a job for half a year, face the uncertainties of unemployment, upkeep mortgage payments while we are gone, receive no unemployment, and face the financial fees for no longer having health care.  It sounds like a bad decision.  Nonetheless, smart idea or not, we are throwing caution to the wind and taking our family on a hike from Mexico to Canada.  In fact, there is something in that very wind telling us to go.

In a week, the ravens are “going off the grid”, and thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  We are all excited.  We are a little nervous too.  Last fall, when we began planning for our trip, my biggest fear was huge river crossings during spring melt in the Sierras.  Once again, California has had another winter with exceptionally low snow fall,  therefore my anxiety of river crossings has faded away.  It has been replaced with rattlesnakes.  Since Southern California experiencing a forth year of drought, it is expected to be a record year for rattlesnake bites.  I do not know why drought increases rattlesnake bites, perhaps it is causing the snakes to move away from their territory looking for food and water?  Nonetheless, I have been telling Will and Joon when they are hiking, not to look at their feet, instead look in front of them and to keep an eye out for any snakes.  Also, assume that any large rock in the the trail can have a rattle snake on the other side.  Look before you step!  I recently gave Will a home school assignment to learn to identify the different types of rattlesnakes in California and to research what to do if bitten by one.  Hopefully, that will be useless information for Will.

The only other real concern I have is for Joon and her speed of walking.  She is slow!  To use Joon and slow in the same sentence, is an oxymoron.  Joon is all about speed:  she has to swim and run the fastest, she has to do her math drills the fastest, she has to eat her dinner the fastest, brush her teeth or even sharpen a pencil faster than anyone.  Everything she does, becomes a race.  However, when if comes to walking she is a snail!!!  I think this is because she has a very vivid imagination, and when she walks, great stories are unfolding in her mind and she is concentrating more on her stories than walking.  As she is trudging along on the trail, you can see her get slower and slower with each step she takes.  Tim and I have to keep reminding her to step it up.  I suppose if this is the biggest hurdle to overcome, we are in pretty good shape.

5 thoughts on “Moms Thoughts

  1. This is so great! What a fantastic family adventure, and what enduring memories you will have. If you all can pull this off, you will be the strongest family ever! Farewell!


  2. Interesting thoughts you have, looking forward to reading more and you writting is fine by me. For me, when I hiked with my daughter, she hiked faster and complained less when I was off in the distance. You will hopefully and more then likely meet up with some other hikers that will inspire her to step it up.. Enjoy the adventure …. Just Bruce..


  3. You guys are amazing, and you are truly blessing your family with an amazing experience. We will miss you guys like crazy, but look forward to seeing your progress. Have fun!


  4. I am so excited for you guys! We have spoke of this trip often with each other throughout the years and now it is finally happening for you! I am going to make sure to follow your adventures and I wish we could meet up at some point, but I don’t think you come close to us. Blessings on your adventure!
    Mrs. G.


  5. We are a homeschool family of nine and plan to follow your blog. We’ve taken some month-long RV trips around most of the central and western states in the US and are eager to follow your adventures. Like others have said, the world is your classroom, don’t worry about curriculum, etc. Believe me, books are too heavy to carry on the trail, lol. My husband walked 2/3 of the PCT 25 years ago and has taken my family to some of the highlights of his journey. I think, speaking from experience, you are only benefitting your kids’ with this adventure. God bless you and we pray you have a safe and wonderful journey. As you well know, this is not only a physical journey, but spiritual, too. I hope you meet many trail friends along the way.

    AKA: TheIronMom


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