A Quick Update

DSC_3896 4-2-14-2

It has been crazy around here for the last few weeks.  We have been pushing very hard to get ready for the trip.  Ann is working from early morning until late at night; I help out where I can, given my work schedule.  We now have all of our food needed for our five month adventure; it has been dehydrated, packaged, and sorted.  Our 30 food drop boxes are nearly complete.  They are still missing fuel, replacement clothing, and a few odds-and-ends.  Some of the equipment we need to pick up is socks, shorts, water bags, and camera memory cards.  The UPS and FED X trucks have been making daily stops to our house, delivering the last of the needed equipment we have ordered.  New raincoats, tablet (to make viewing photographs and writing blog entries easier), MP3 players, and a Spot device which is a personal locater beacon used in case of emergencies.  I will link the blog to the Spot location tracker, which will show where we are on the trail.   Ann’s Sony camera also came last week.  She has been practicing using it to film Joon during her diving lessons at UCSD.    With only two more weeks to go before we leave, we still have a lot to do, however there is an end in site.  Most of what is left to do is cleaning and preparing the house (which includes repairs from the tree falling on it) for the new occupants.  Ann and I are looking forward to the day we leave to put an end to all the preparations.

Ready to Walk Away

DSC_3654 3-6-15

On Friday (March 6), Santa Ana winds came through our town of Fallbrook and a huge banyon tree fell onto our house.  The roof was damaged.  Repairs have to be made before we leave on our PCT hike.

Will breaks wrist.

Recent drama and trauma at my kid’s school has resulted in a sudden and bitter divorce, from the school.  Will and Joon have been going there for 10 years. I have been thrown into the world of homeschooling with no preparation.  I desperately need to be working on our up coming hike, but instead, I am trying to learn pre-algebra so I can teach Will.  Curriculum for science, history, math and language arts need to be implemented.   I have been busy researching alternatives for Will and Joon’s schooling next year.   It is difficult to find a school, private or non-private in the state of California, that has not taken on Common Core and does not start in early August.   I am a traditionalist, school starts after labor day and I am vehemently against Common Core!

We are in the process of refinancing our house, and Tim is working hard to get the house painted on the outside and to refinish our master bedroom shower that has been unusable for the past six years.

My dad, who has severe dementia and living in a memory care facility, has not paid taxes in years.  We have to resolve his taxes and ours before we leave on our hike.

My dad had a fall in the memory care center recently and hit his head.  He was fine, but they still took him, by ambulance, to the emergency room to make sure he was OK.  He is on medicare, but they say he has been dis-enrolled despite monthly payments being made.  The hospital says there is no record of my dad even being at the hospital however I am getting medical bills from the hospital that claim his benefits has been denied.  I received a bill for him being air lifted to the hospital.  The most maddening bill of $190, was for the use of a wheel chair plus mileage.  My dad was charged fifteen miles for wheel chair use!

My husband’s job is coming to an end very soon, and so does our health care insurance.  In the good old days that would not be a problem.  But today, hefty fines are given if even one month goes by that we are uninsured.

My Mom passed away last spring, and I really wish I could talk to her!

Tim and I have decided our starting date for our PCT hike will be April 13th.  That date cannot come soon enough.  I am ready to walk away!

Will Breaks His Wrist

It is official, Will, who has broken six bones in the past thirteen years, can now add a seventh one to his collection.  His recent acquisition is the scaphoid bone in his right wrist (he is right handed).  The break is a result of a skate board accident.  All other fractures of the arm take an average of 6 weeks to heal, but Will had to break a bone that takes on average 8 to 12 weeks to repair.   The reason for the lengthy healing process is because it is a bone that gets very little blood flow, especially for breaks that occur on the inside of the bone, deeper inside the wrist, like Will’s.  We were suppose to leave April 3rd for our PCT hike, but that has now been pushed back to some time after his next doctors visit.  The soonest they would x-ray it, to see how the healing is progressing, will be April 10th.  Depending on the results, the cast could be on for another four to six weeks.  Tim and I are hoping that it heals enough by April 10th so that a simple splint can be worn for the remainder of the time.  If not, we will have to figure out a way to have his cast removed somewhere up the trail.   This would take place somewhere between Wrightwood and Kennedy Meadows.