The Work Begins


Spaghetti sauce ready for dehydrationSincre

Since there are only three and half months before are departure date,  we have begun the laborious job of food preparation.  We try to dehydrate as much as we can ourselves to save money.  The first thing we are working on is spaghetti sauce.  We bought large quantity of Prego sauce at Costco that we pour onto drying trays.  Overnight, it dries into a leather that we grind up into a course powder.  This makes reconstituting with water easier.  Next, the dried sauce is divided up with pasta noodles and vacuum sealed.  The trays in the photograph, produced enough for ten dinners for our family of four.  We have a lot of food to collect: 147 breakfasts, 151 lunches, and 137 dinners for 160 days of hiking.  There are only 137 dinners because we are expecting to have access to restaurants on food drop days.  Our dehydrator will be running nonstop for many weeks.

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