Down Jackets


Uniqlo Ultra-Down Parkas

For years, we have carried fleece jackets which have served us well.  But this year we will be taking light down coats on the PCT.  Normally these jackets cost $200-$300, but we have found a source where we can get quality down jackets for $70 (they are on sale right now for $50).  Paul Magnanti from The Trail Show pod-cast wrote an article for the The Trail Groove online magazine about the Uniqlo Ultralight Down Parka.  These coats are made of 850 fill down, come in both adult and kids sizes (trying to find light weight backpacking clothes for kids is difficult), and are well designed and made.  On Black Friday, these parkas went on sale, so we bought one for Ann, Joon, and myself.  They were out of Will’s size.  Ann and Joon got coats with down hoods, I did not.  We received them in the mail a week later.  They are really nice and we have used them during the abnormally cold weather we have had here.  I ordered the wrong size for myself,  so we drove 1-1/2 hours to the nearest store  in Irvine to exchange it.  The other day, we discovered that they had gotten in the size for Will, so we ordered one.  Now we all have a good cold weather coat.  Next we have to replace our worn out rain gear.

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